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About Us

Garbage Grabbers Valet Trash
About Us

Garbage Grabbers Valet Trash is a national provider of doorstep trash removal for multi-family residential communities. Our team will walk your entire property each night of service to check for any trash. This could be something as simple as a plastic bag blowing around your property. If we see garbage, we grab it.

Your residents place their trash inside of our provided waste container and set it by their door for our team to pick up each night of service. Your residents will have no need to make that long walk to the dumpster anymore and you can be confident that your property will always be trash-free. Each resident will have easy access to the phone number of a local representative printed on their waste container. They can call, text or email from 8:00 a.m. to midnight with immediate response times because the Garbage Grabbers Valet Trash team will answer their inquiries personally.

Are your residents leaving bags of trash around your dumpster and compactor areas instead of inside the receptacles?
Don’t worry. We take care of that, too!